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The Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) is recognized as the premiere professional forum providing opportunities for all those interested to collaborate in advancing the technical and professional practices of utility engineering and surveying.  The goals are simple: to be a “one-stop shop” for utility infrastructure systems information; to expand professional development programs; to eliminate industry fragmentation; to be a leader for the Utility Infrastructure Report Card; and to be an educator for politicians.
UESI focuses on five subsects of utilities and surveying:
  • Pipelines - Advanced pipeline engineering, relative to conveyance of liquids, gases, and solids via pipelines.
  • Utility Risk Management – Hosting discussions on utility investigations, coordination, design, data management, and security.
  • Surveying and Geomatics - Providing leadership for the acquisition and management of spatial data while encouraging the advancement of geomatics.
  • Asset Management - Sharing knowledge related to the holistic life-cycle asset management of utility infrastructure.
  • Standards - Identifying new topics for standards development and growing the overall UESI standards program.
 ​For the communities of Miami-Dade County, a local chapter was created in October 2015 and is recognized as the first Chapter to submit a Memorandum of Understanding to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).  On a local level, the Miami-Dade UESI Chapter provides support and educational opportunities for professionals and students in the diverse field of utilities and surveying. The chapter regularly hosts lunch and learns, virtual technical sessions, site visits, networking events, and special-topic outreach campaigns on political or community issues of interest.  The functions of the local UESI are governed by a committee, chaired by Nick Karpathy of Chen Moore & Associates, and is open to membership to all local interested professionals.
Who should join?
  • Water and Wastewater Pipeline Engineers and Suppliers
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineers
  • Electrical and Communications System Designers
  • Utility Asset Managers
  • Utility Coordinators
  • Surveyors
  • Subsurface Utility Engineers
  • Everyone interested in the local utility engineering and surveying industry!
Those interested in joining the Miami-Dade UESI Chapter should contact Nick at
If you are interested in joining UESI on the society level, please visit
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utility engineering & surveying institute chair

Nicholas S. Karpathy, EI, MS, ENV SP
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