Chair Oscar Sosa, E.I., A.M.ASCE

Oscar Sosa currently is a project manager for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 6 under the structure maintenance office. He manages several inspection contracts such as traffic signal mast arms, overhead sign, high-mast light poles and local government bridge inspections along with several push button repair contracts. He also manages the departments electronic document management system (EDMS) and leads the efforts to make the department paperless. Oscar has also been a part of emergency management activities such as damage assessment and bridge safety inspections for both hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael in the panhandle region.

Vice-Chair Vice Chair- Rodney Carrero-Vila P.E.

Rodney Carrero-Vila has over 4 and half years of engineering and project management experience working at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 6 under the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) office. He has been involved in several PD&E, design, and construction projects over the years with an emphasis on Express Lanes and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployment. Rodney also manages several operations and professional service contracts for the TSM&O office. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2014 and with his master’s degree in Transportation Engineering in 2017. Rodney is also a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida (No. 86965).

Technical Chair Jose Quintana P.E,CBI

Jose Quintana has more than 30 years of bridge and roadway maintenance operations experience. Specializing in the management of roadway asset maintenance programs including conventional, movable and complex bridge structure types. He has held FDOT positions as District Structures & Facilities Engineer, Turnpike Maintenance Engineer and as Director of Operations for an asset maintenance firm specializing in movable bridge maintenance operations. His primary responsibility involved managing and administering a safe, efficient and economical infrastructure preservation program.  His overall experience includes on-site inspections of conventional, complex and movable bridge inspections (structural, mechanical, electrical), QA/QC oversight and emergency management operations.   He has implemented and managed emergency operations for pre-& post storm events, hurricane evacuations, incident damage assessment and implementation of recovery procedures. He has responded and managed over 10 FDOT Declaration of Emergencies involving infrastructure catastrophic incidents.

Secretary Hansel Ayala

Hansel Ayala has extensive experience in highway, transportation and civil engineering design projects, both design-build and conventional designs. Providing input and direction to the design and construction teams including permitting, utility coordination, reports, engineering analysis, design and post-design support. Hansel Ayala brings prior field experience in the construction field with a solid understanding of city code and regulations in Miami-Dade and Broward County. He has comprehensive understanding of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Design Standards, FDOT’s Standards Plans for Road and Bridge constructions, Complete Streets Guidelines, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Design Standards, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Design Standards & Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Design Standards.

Treasurer Mehrdad Ebrahim

Mehrdad Ebrahimi is a Project Engineer in Lochner’s Miami, Florida office. He has Five years of experience in Civil Engineering and an emphasis in transportation. He is skilled in providing roadway and active transportation design from concept phases through final construction for multiple delivery method including design-build, design bid-build. Mehrdad has been involved in design for a number of different roadway facilities, such as freeways, interchange ramps, highways and city streets to complex interchanges and the uses of advanced modeling techniques to drive context-sensitive solutions and maximize project funding. Additionally, his background includes working on drainage design, bridge design, signalization and sign and pavement marking.

Society Institute Governor Ronald Celiz E.I.

Ronald Celiz has more than 5 years of engineering experience and has been involved in the roadway design of governmental and non-governmental projects in Florida.  He has been heavily involved in all design phases for roadway components, preliminary design work and reports, environmental and utility coordination, cost savings initiative and post design services. Ronald Celiz has also served as an in-house consultant to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 4 for the Local Agency Program section. In this position, he was able to oversee various implementations of local agency initiatives and manage design submittal’s using FDOT’s policies and procedures. He is technically proficient with FDOT Design Manual; FDOT’s Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction, and Complete Streets Guidelines and is certified in FDOT’s Advanced Maintenance of Traffic

Past Chair Enit Medina P.E.

Ms. Medina is a roadway engineer at Pevida Highway Designers with over five years of experience in design and construction of civil engineering and site development projects. She has served as a roadway and drainage engineer for various private and public-sector projects. She has worked with various local government agencies including Florida Department of Transportation, Miami-Dade County Public Works, City of Richmond, Turnpike Enterprise and more. She is currently working on designing the Maintenance of Traffic on very large Design-Build projects including the I-95 Express Lanes Phases 3A-2 and 3B-1, and most recently, the I-395 / SR 836 / I-95 Reconstruction Design-Build Project.

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