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Our fundamental goal as a student chapter is to engage in the modern world of civil engineering and all that it encompasses: working for the public good through innovation and networking.

We get Civil Engineering students involved with their career path before graduation. Many of our activities embrace the engineering field, offering a hands-on experience for students. We encourage our members to network with their fellow classmates and professionals by creating events and providing job/internship opportunities.

The mission of the University of Miami American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter is to serve as a bridgeway for civil, architectural, and environmental engineering students in their development and advancement as professional engineers.
This organization promotes integrity, professionalism, and technical prowess in all civil engineering disciplines. It serves as a network to forge relationships amongst students, our department faculty, and the professional engineering community in hopes of the betterment of civilization for all humanity. Through outreach and service we inspire energy and enthusiasm for engineering in the community as we provide them with a higher understanding and appreciation of civil engineering.

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