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Have you seen the Dream Big film yet?

The movie Dream Big: Engineering Our World was released early this year during Engineer's week, February 2017. It brings the world engineer down to a simple term and makes it easy for the rest to see how engineering is all around us.

Ben Walpole from ASCE News wrote "More than 1 million viewers have experienced the Dream.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World, the giant-screen film presented by Bechtel and produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in partnership with ASCE, has surpassed the 1 million paid-viewer mark – and did so in less than six months. Audience survey data shows that approximately half of the attendees have been under the age of 17."

He also quoted director Greg MacGillivray, “Reaching 1 million paid viewers in just a few months is outstanding and shows how excited people, both young and old, are about the engineering stories told in this film – stories of heart and sacrifice and human spirit and dedication to achieving a greater good,” said Dream Big director Greg MacGillivray. “These themes will make everyone proud to be an engineer.” Visit the original post by Ben here; http://news.asce.org/dream-big-hits-attendance-milestone/

Watch it today at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft Lauderdale. Click here for pricing and showtimes.


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