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EWRI is the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  The EWRI Miami-Dade Chapter is a part of the ASCE Miami-Dade Branch and thereby the ASCE Florida Section. EWRI is unique from most ASCE institutes, in that an individual can choose EWRI when they become an ASCE member (every ASCE member gets to pick one institute of which they can become a member for free) or an individual can become just an EWRI member without having to be an ASCE member first.


EWRI’s mission is to provide our members access to technical information, industry news, and other resources for career advancement. Involvement at EWRI can occur at the national level (through formal participation in subject matter councils like the local activities council, the water, wastewater, stormwater council, or the municipal water infrastructure council) and/or at the local level through chapters like ours. Our chapter has focused on bringing educational opportunities in the form of luncheon presentations and networking opportunities in the form of social outdoor activities to our community. We send out a monthly newsletter with information on EWRI news, upcoming events (both in ASCE and other local environmental organizations), job postings, industry news, etc. Interested individuals can join our newsletter on the homepage of our chapter website.


Environmental and water Resources Institute Chair

Vivian Villamizar, E.I.​

past events

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