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Coasts, Oceans, Rivers & Ports Institute Chair

Leonard Barrera Allen, M.Sc., P.E.

Mr. Barrera Allen is a Project Engineer with Cummins Cederberg, Inc. Mr. Barrera Allen focuses on the planning, engineering analysis, and comprehensive design of coastal and waterfront development projects in Florida, the Caribbean, and Central America. Mr. Barrera Allen’s experience includes the design of seawall structures, sea level rise studies, planning and design of marinas, beach design and nourishment, floodplain modification studies, and numerical modeling of coastal and oceanic processes. Mr. Barrera Allen has been an ASCE member since 2011 when he joined the University of Miami’s ASCE Student Chapter, and currently serves as the chair of the Miami-Dade ASCE branch Coasts, Oceans, Ports, Rivers Institute (COPRI). Leonard received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from and a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from the University of Miami.

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